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Dovex Orchards

Dovex Organic Orchards

Dovex Fruit Company Orchards are nestled on the leeward side of the Cascade Mountain Range in Central Washington where we have some of the most fantastic weather, geography and rich volcanic soils for growing all types of pome and stone fruit crops in the world.

Dovex Fruit Company farms 3,000 acres of land in Washington State, between the Columbia Basin, and as far north as Chelan Falls, WA. This gives us a diverse group of farming micro climates which allow us to produce apples, pears, cherry, peach, nectarine and pluots. Dovex first started Organic production techniques in 1996 and currently 90% of our farms are certified Organic. With our commitment to Organic production, we employ and develop many new and innovative management techniques to help us cope with the challenges of Mother Nature throughout the year. To better manage our farms, we have formed four main management complexes averaging 725 acres per complex. We feel this allows us to better manage varietal mixes, harvest maturity, labor needs, and team management based practices for more efficient farming, while providing steady labor for our employees and their families.

Dovex Fruit Company is committed to Organic production and management strategies to bring our customers a year round supply of quality fruit. Additionally Dovex maintains a steady workforce of over 250 employees, which allows us to achieve a better trained, more consistent workforce. During the harvest period, Dovex employs an additional 450 seasonal workers to complete our harvest needs. The end result is the production of the best, most economic, sustainable fruit in the world.

Dovex is both WSDA - NOP and IOP (EC 834/2007) certified, as well as, being certified under SQF - Level 2 Accredited HACCP Based Food Safety Plan.

Dovex is certified under the WSDA-NOP Program, as well as being certified through the US-EU and US-Canada Equivalency Arrangement. Additionally, Dovex is certified under the SQF Based Food Safety Plan.