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Dovex Domestic and International Services




With integrity and reliability, Dovex enters the world markets as a strong bridge between supplier and customer. We pride ourselves in our ability to connect our customers to the best quality products, both organic and conventional, available in this vast global network of fruit growers.


The complexities of international export, as well as imports into the United States, demand an experienced and knowledgeable staff. We, at Dovex, have experience in all of the major world markets, matching the perfect fruit with the right customer anywhere in the world. We handle the logistics optimally and with the utmost care, as customer satisfaction is central to our business. Domestically we use 2 Hubs to optimize logistics: Los Angeles and Philadelphia.


To find the best quality growers and packers worldwide has been our goal since our beginnings. To form strong partnerships is essential to the success of this enterprise. Therefore, we have developed alliances in most of the world's leading fruit regions — Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Italy, South Africa, and others — giving us access to top quality.

Quality Assurance

Having our hands in the soil as growers, we understand the commitment it takes to produce quality products that are fresh, abundant, and flavorful. To get that product from field to market efficiently and quickly also takes great commitment. That is why our professional sales team, together with our experienced field inspectors, works diligently to source and deliver the best product possible to our customers anywhere in the world. We, at Dovex, believe in quality, first.