Our Feet Are In The Orchard, But Our Reach Is Around The World!

For generations, the De Nadai family has had their feet in the orchard and their hands in the soil.

In 1982, they came to Eastern Washington’s Wenatchee Valley in search of rich orchard land to expand their vision of supplying the world with fruit, no matter the season. There they established Dovex. And with its establishment came alliances with orchards around the globe. With this access to superior fruit worldwide and their long history of success as growers, Dovex produces some of the best fruit available. The Dovex label is known internationally for premium quality fruits and vegetables.

As a full service fruit exporter with an array of worldwide products, Dovex strives not only to ensure premium quality, but also is committed to customer service. Our professional staff in the field and in the office provides expert aid and direction from bloom to harvest, to packing and shipping. Their vast experience in the major world markets and their use of the latest in horticultural practices, strict packing standards, and knowledge of international guidelines brings farm-fresh to your doorstep, any time, anywhere. The Dovex team guarantees customer service and satisfaction.