Civic Responsibility

We are invested in the community that surrounds us.

We remain engaged in efforts to improve the environment and the economy of the areas where we grow fruit, families and communities.

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Stewards of the Land

The Dovex organic program started in 1996. The program focuses on renewable resources, soil and water consumption and the usability of the land farmed.

Even though we are a mid scale grower, we try and maintain the original concept of environmental social consciousness but with modern growing techniques.

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Protecting Our Soil

Dovex is committed to creating and maintaining healthier soils within every farming practice implemented. We do this by:

- No synthetic substances
- Utilizing Earth worms to make the soil richer around them
- 400-500 EE’s to harvest crops
- 120 year round EE’s

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Future Generations

Our mission is to ultimately enhance the environmental qualities for us and our younger generations.

With sustainability in mind, we want to maintain soil biodiversity and quality so that we can continue to grow, farm and distribute high-quality fruit to the world around us.